The Story


It all started with a road trip in 2006… Nadja Niederberger and Johanna Fridheim were working behind the bar in Engelberg and were brought together by a mutual love for the mountains.

Nadja and Johanna bought a blue bus and went travelling for the summer months. They ended up surfing in France, Spain, Portugal and other places… and all along the way they wore their own, self-made beanies. People they met seemed to like the beanies and started ordering their own.

Roger Filliger, The boss at the Yucatan Bar back in Engelberg, pushed them to sow on labels onto each beanie. Somewhere along their road trip in Norway, Nadja and Johanna designed the blue bus logo, and by the time they made it back to Switzerland, Roger had the labels ready. The logo replicates the real-life Mercedes-Benz van which has written on it.

Since then, every NAJO item has its own label with a number and the letter ‘N’ or ‘J’, depending on who made it – making each and every one unique.

Nowadays, Najda and Johanna create a range of different NAJO products – from beanies, headbands and scarves, to handbags and knitted jackets – all of which can be found in the Shop.

Today, and nine years later, the girls still live in Engelberg and together they have opened the NAJO & Friends Shop in Engelberg.

The two of them share a passion for skiing and surfing, as well as creating new NAJO products of course… But where would we be without friends? So naturally, within the shop you will find numerous of other brands from our friends around the world.

We love snow // Nadja Niederberger & Johanna Fridheim

Custom Beanies

Nadjas work (11 items)
Beanie nr: N.1 Dani
Beanie nr: N.2 Marianne
Beanie nr: N.16 Rollo
Beanie nr: N.19 Joao Pedro
Beanie nr: N.21 Sämi
Beanie nr: N.71 Leni
Headband nr: N.77 Faye
Beanie nr: N.108
Beanie nr: N.56 Jörg
Beanie nr: N.154 Corinna
Beanie nr N.165 Hannah
Johannas Work (14 items)
Beanie nr: J.001 Johan
Beanie nr. J.8 Charlene
Headband nr: J.67 Sepp
Beanie nr: J.139 Dani
Beanie nr: J.145 Simo
Beanie nr: J.155 Rebekka
Beanie nr: J.163 JonE
Beanie nr: J.172 Patrick
Beanie nr: J.173 Ragga
Beanie nr: J.394 Max Hygge
Beanie nr: J.396 Björn Filip
Beanie nr: J.442 & J.443 (scarfes) Viktor
Beanie nr: J.666 Anna